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Sharon was my second attempt at using an interior designer for my house. I felt the first interior designer did not “get me” so I got another opinion which was Sharon.

I found Sharon to be always open to what I wanted. My taste was not modern or “in season” and sharon embraced that.

She listened to what I wanted even if at times I wasn’t sure myself. She came back to me with different options so that I could choose what suited me best. I was getting wallpaper in my Hall and downstairs toilet and it took me months to choose, in that time Sharon was continually patient with my indecisiveness and kept on sending new ideas and samples until I picked the one for me.

She also went to the same lengths for my carpets for my stairs and landing. Sharon also helped me to decorate my sitting room. My curtains were made to order which she organised once the material was picked and I loved them.

While a home is continuously changing and pieces are added I feel that Sharon helped me a lot in making my house a home and a beautiful comfortable base to keep on adding to.

She has a wide range of knowledge for colours, schemes, materials and listening to what the client wants. Her interpretation of what I perceived in my mind for my rooms was very close.

I will definitely continue to use Sharon for future renovations and highly recommend her.

Natasha, Blessington.