Why choose Handmade Curtains



For a lot of people the expense of handmade curtains can be off putting.  It can be a difficult decision as it is essentially a long term investment. I hope in this blog to let you know the benefits of getting your curtains made-to-measure and why its worth spending the extra money if you have it.

Firstly I would like to start at the top – the heading of the curtain. Professionally handmade curtains have a 6” bukram heading. This gives the heading a crisper finish and allows the curtain, which has been beautifully hand-sewn to hang softly and more elegantly. Cheaper curtains or readymades tend to use 3” or 4” tape heading which you pull to pleat, so instead of having a crisp finish its tends to be slightly puckered and, to be honest, can end up taking from your room rather than adding to it.

Next, you may have noticed that handmade curtains use a good quality lining. This allows your curtains to stand the test of time as it protects your carefully selected fabric from the damages of the sun. Lining your curtains also adds bulk which helps give your curtains that beautiful hang. Also, in my opinion, using lining and interlining give a much better drape on a curtain. It is a fleece lining which is sewn between the fabric and lining so you never see it but it adds bulk, gives a more elegant finish to your curtain and helps to insultate around your window area.

Yes, handmade curtains take more time. However if you get a professional, like myself, who can call to your home with fabrics samples, this takes the stress away and often time consuming task of finding “the right one”.  Instead you get an enjoyable experience from the comfort of your own home. These samples can be left in your home so you can see how they behave through all the stages of day and evening. Ensuring that your chosen fabric looks perfect all day long and most importantly, works within your scheme.

I understand you may be wary of the expense, and sometimes the convenience of readymade  curtains can be all to tempting. However, I have all to often seen readymade curtains looking sad and limp on a window. Yes this can also be because they are badly fitted but also you can tell the curtain isn’t up for the job. Readymade curtain headings can be too short and the lining can be very thin or sometimes they are not lined at all. This can take from how they fall and how they frame your window. Also depending on the fabric, you may not get as much privacy you as think! It must be said though, that this is not always the case. If you do your homework you can source good quality readymade curtains but you are still restricted to the sizes, patterns and styles they provide and in my opinion, you will never get a readymade to look as well as a curtain that has been specifically tailored for your window.

Before I finish this blog some may ask what I mean when I talk about the hang of a curtain. I simply mean how your curtain behaves. When you close your curtains in the evening, they should fall beautifully together almost effortlessly and once reopened in the morning they should sit back on either side, beautifully framing your window. With readymade curtains the heading can tend to fall forward and your curtain can take a lot of tweaking and fixing each day to look good. This is not the case with handmade curtains, they hang beautifully just as they should with minimal effort. Basically, you get what you paid for!

Now, although for some the idea of crawl through fabric samples, poles tieback, trimming etc can be great fun for others it can be a little daunting as sometimes there can be too much choice! This is where myself and professionals alike are here to help.  At Mattiana Interiors we organise everything from the consultation right through to installation.  As your interior designer you will be guided through the process.  Helping you decide on the right options for you, your window and your room.