My first blog – Lets start at the beginning

My first blog!  With so many blogs out there about everything, it was hard to know where to start, so I decided to start at the beginning – the first step!

I find at this time of year we are all starting to turn our attentions away from our gardens and into our homes.   The festive season is on the horizon and we start to notice the sitting room is looking a little tired and the kitchen really does need that new lick of paint we’ve been promising.

So many clients I have had the pleasure of working with never seem to know where to start. So they started shopping around but the abundance of choice and style out there were leaving them feeling overwhelmed and sometimes even more confused then when they started.

Its important to start with the basics, firstly, do you have an entire house to do or is it just a room or two? Basically, are you working within a scheme or starting with a blank canvas? Is your house: Victorian, 60’s, modern?  What is the function of each room or better still what to you want the room to do for you?

For example, fun playroom, elegant dining room, cosy bedroom? And what are your tastes? What draws you most and how can you blend what you like while staying true to your home and its function.  Don’t get me wrong, just because your house is Victorian doesn’t mean you have to stick with Victorian décor.  I love mixing old and new……being realistic, how many of us have old and new to work with!

If you have a small, modern home you should make careful choices.  Items may look beautiful in the showroom but did you measure to see how it fits in your space?

Try and complete your picture before committing to big buys.  If you are only making small changes,  replacing or revamping, keep future plans in mind. Have a look at the room(s) in question, is the layout exactly what you want? Is it working for you? Where possible it is always advisable to get professional assistance before you start.  I know this is where people like myself can offer you our expertise and can help you avoid making those expensive mistakes.

I hope you have found my first blog helpful and I welcome your feedback. Please feel free to contact me for advice or with any queries you may have.