For The Love Of Rugs

It’s the simple things in life isn’t it. Take the rug for example. If you were to describe to someone you didn’t know what a rug was you might say something like “it’s a big thick woven type material you put on your floor”……“No really you’ll love it”…..“Yeah you just leave it there, like a decoration”. Yet seeing is believing, it’s truly surprising how much rugs can influence a room. I love how they add comfort, plushness and warmth to a room. They can be used to define and connect your living spaces,
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Why choose Handmade Curtains

For a lot of people the expense of handmade curtains can be off putting. It can be a difficult decision as it is essentially a long term investment. I hope in this blog to let you know the benefits of getting your curtains made-to-measure and why its worth spending the extra money if you have it.
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Colour Psychology

So what does it all mean? To be honest I am still learning the full answer to that question but this is what I’ve learnt so far. Colour can influence you unconsciously, strike at an emotion, it can affect your mood and behavior. Surprisingly, I have come to learn that not a lot of research has been done in this area even though this concept is becoming increasingly used in marketing, art, design and more. Companies have been using colour to brand logos and communicate with their customers for many years and they made some interesting discoveries.
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My first blog – Lets start at the beginning

With so many blogs out there about everything, it was hard to know where to start, so I decided to start at the beginning – the first step!

I find at this time of year we are all starting to turn our attentions away from our gardens and into our homes. The festive season is on the horizon and we start to notice the sitting room is looking a little tired and the kitchen really does need that new lick of paint we’ve been promising.

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